New open access journal Advanced Photonics

Professor Anatoly Zayats (RPLAS PI) is the co-editor-in-chief of a new journal that is published by SPIE and Chinese Laser Press. Advanced Photonics is a collaborative, open-access journal, featuring the most impactful fundamental and applied research across optics and photonics technologies.

Advanced Photonics, designed to address a growing demand within the photonics community to publish and share significant, innovative research results as rapidly, accurately, and accessibly as possible, will highlight scientific and technological discoveries as well as news and commentaries by leading experts and visionaries in the field.

Advanced Photonics will also incorporate a personal approach to science, with interviews and the personal views of authors and how their new ideas emerged. Speaking about this approach, the editors said ‘We hope this will make an exciting mixture of scientific and general material for our readers’

Advanced Photonics Cover Issue 1