Plasmonics Meets Catalysis – Meeting @ Catalysis Hub

On the 26th November, the RPLAS team travelled to the Catalysis Hub at the Harwell Research Campus to co-host Plasmonics Meets Catalysis.
This meeting brought together physicists and chemists in overlapping but distinct areas of research to learn more about the current research landscape and also encourage and foster new collaborations.

Professor Richard Catlow

Richard Catlow (Catalysis Hub) opened the event, followed by Anatoly Zayats (King’s) who gave an overview of Plasmonics.

Professor Anatoly Zayats

The morning was split into two sessions, the first on Hot-Electron Chemistry the second on the Applications of Hot-Electron Chemistry.

Session 1: Hot Electron Chemistry
Chair: Richard Catlow
Emiliano Cortes: “Photochemistry with Hot Electrons”
Anastasia Zaleska: “CO2 reduction using Hot Electrons”
Alexey Krasavin: “Electrically driven Chemical Reactions”
Simon Freakly: “Plasmonic enhancement on glycerol oxidation using nanostructured AuPd nanoparticle catalysts”

Morning session A
Dr Emiliano Cortés, Anastasia Zaleska, Dr Alexey Krasavin, Dr Simon Freakely


Session 2: Applications of Hot Electron Chemistry
Chair: Anatoly Zayats
Daniel Glass: “Photo-induced enhanced Raman Spectroscopy” Jorge Salmon Gamboa: “Degradation of Organic Pollutants”
Helen Daly: “Heterogeneous Photocatalytic reactions”

Morning session B
Jorge Salmon Gamboa, Daniel Glass, Dr Helen Daly

In the afternoon, there was a lab tour followed by self-assembled breakout sessions to discuss new and novel ideas in catalysis and plasmonics.

Speaking at the end of the event, both Catlow and Zayats commented on the success of the event. They both also expressed their desire to foster the new relationships and ideas that came out of the day in the coming months and years ahead.

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