London Plasmonics Forum goes global

Earlier this year when the planet started locking down, we were unsure of the impact on the London Plasmonics Forum. Would we be able to host it as usual at King’s College London as we have done since 2015?

As lockdown continued during April, it became obvious that we would either have to cancel the forum or find another solution.

Not wanting to break the continued run of the Forum, we took the decision to host it online hoping that this would open it up to many more researchers from around the world. The event is being held on 11 June (10am BST) and the Keynote talk is being given by Professor Thomas Ebbesen from the University of Strasbourg.

We now have over 150 people signed up (see the graphic below for the spread of delegates), and we are excited to share the Forum with people who wouldn’t usually be able to attend due to geographical limitations. If you haven’t already saved your spot and would like to find out more information: click here

Sign up here:

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