Hot Electron Applications & Technology

Reactive Plasmonics (RPLAS) researchers were joined by representatives from industry this week to showcase potential applications of the hot-electron plasmonics.

The day started with talks on catalysis with Professor Stefan Maier giving an overview of nanophotonic approaches for energy-efficient chemical reactions. Dr Wayne Dickson then discussed scalable and reactive nanophotonics nanostructures.

Following on there were talks on nanoscale heat. Ryan Bower started by giving a presentation about refractory matierals, photo-acoustics and thermometery, and Dr Luke Nicholls talked about electron temperature.

Finally there were talks on sensing, Professor Rupert Oulton presented hot-electron photodetectors and RPLAS principal investigator Professor Anatoly Zayats then disscussed plasmonic nanostructures for gas sensing.

The showcase also had digital posters for each theme that  were circulated in advance. You can view short presentations for each poster at the bottom of the page.

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