Publications 2019

Polarization dependence of second harmonic generation from plasmonic nanoprism arrays


K. Y. Raygoza-Sánchez, I. Rocha-Mendoza, P. Segovia, A. V. Krasavin, G. Marino, T. Cesca, N. Michieli, G. Mattei, A. V. Zayats & R. Rangel-Rojo

Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 11514 (2019)

Enhanced light-matter interaction in an atomically thin semiconductor coupled with dielectric nano-antennas

11 NOVEMBER 2019

. Sortino, P. G. Zotev, S. Mignuzzi, J. Cambiasso, D. Schmidt, A. Genco, M. Aßmann, M. Bayer, S. A. Maier, R. Sapienza & A. I. Tartakovskii

Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 5119 (2019)

Plasmonic Metamaterials for Nanochemistry and Sensing


Pan Wang ,Mazhar E. Nasir, Alexey V. Krasavin, Wayne Dickson, Yunlu Jiang, Anatoly V. Zayats

Accounts of Chemical Research 2019 52 (11), 3018-3028

Amplitude and Phase Control of Guided Modes Excitation from a Single Dipole Source: Engineering Far‐ and Near‐Field Directionality

13 NOVEMBER 2019

Michela F. Picardi Anatoly V. Zayats Francisco J. Rodríguez‐Fortuño

Laser & Photonic Review

Spontaneous photon-pair generation from a dielectric nanoantenna


Giuseppe Marino, Alexander S. Solntsev, Lei Xu, Valerio F. Gili, Luca Carletti, Alexander N. Poddubny, Mohsen Rahmani, Daria A. Smirnova, Haitao Chen, Aristide Lemaître, Guoquan Zhang, Anatoly V. Zayats, Costantino De Angelis, Giuseppe Leo, Andrey A. Sukhorukov, and Dragomir N. Neshev

Optica Vol. 6, Issue 11

Spin-momentum law for structured guided modes: the generalized quantum spin-Hall effect for light

9 OCTOBER 2019

Peng Shi, Luping Du, Congcong Li, Anatoly V. Zayats, Xiaocong Yuan

Dynamics of Photo‐Induced Surface Oxygen Vacancies in Metal‐Oxide Semiconductors Studied Under Ambient Conditions


Daniel Glass Emiliano Cortés Sultan Ben‐Jaber Thomas Brick William J. Peveler Christopher S. Blackman Christopher R. Howle Raul Quesada‐Cabrera Ivan P. Parkin Stefan A. Maier

Advanced Science Volume 6, Issue22

Nanoscale aluminum plasmonic waveguide with monolithically integrated germanium detector

15 OCTOBER 2019

M. Sistani), M. G. Bartmann1, N. A. Güsken, R. F. Oulton, H. Keshmiri, M. S. Seifner, S. Barth, N. Fukata, M. A. Luong, M. I. den Hertog, and A. Lugstein

Appl. Phys. Lett. 115, 161107 (2019)

Single-nanowire spectrometers


Zongyin Yang, Tom Albrow-Owen, Hanxiao Cui, Jack Alexander-Webber, Fuxing Gu, Xiaomu Wang, Tien-Chun Wu, Minghua Zhuge, Calum Williams, Pan Wang, Anatoly V Zayats, Weiwei Cai, Lun Dai , Stephan Hofmann, Mauro Overend, Limin Tong, Qing Yang, Zhipei Sun, Tawfique Hasan

Science 365, 1017 (2019)

From Optical to Chemical Hot Spots in Plasmonics

20 AUGUST 2019

Julian Gargiulo, Rodrigo Berté, Yi Li, Stefan A. Maier, and Emiliano Cortés

Acc. Chem. Res. 2019, 52, 9, 2525–2535

Self‐Assembly of Nanoparticle‐Spiked Pillar Arrays for Plasmonic Biosensing

29 AUGUST 2019

Sung-Gyu Park, Xiaofei Xiao, Jouha Min, ChaeWon Mun, Ho Sang Jung, Vincenzo Giannini, Ralph Weissleder, Stefan A. Maier, Hyungsoon Im, and Dong-Ho Kim

Advanced Functional Materials – Volume29, Issue43

Hybrid plasmonic waveguide coupling of photons from a single molecule

22 AUGUST 2019

S. Grandi, M. P. Nielsen, J. Cambiasso, S. Boissier, K. D. Major, C. Reardon, T. F. Krauss, R. F. Oulton, E. A. Hinds, and A. S. Clark

APL Photonics 4, 086101 (2019)

Nonlinear Pancharatnam−Berry Phase Metasurfaces beyond the Dipole Approximation

12 AUGUST 2019

Sylvain D. Gennaro, Yi Li, Stefan A. Maier, and Rupert F. Oulton*

ACS Photonics 2019, 6, 9, 2335–2341

Singlet-triplet transition rate enhancement inside hyperbolic metamaterials

12 AUGUST 2019

Diane J. Roth Pavel Ginzburg Liisa M. Hirvonen James A. Levitt Mazhar E. Nasir Klaus Suhling David Richards Viktor A. Podolskiy Anatoly V. Zayats

Laser and Photonics Reviews 13, 1900101 (2019)

Ultrafast All-Optical Modulation in 2D Hybrid Perovskites

17 JULY 2019

Gustavo Grinblat, Ibrahim Abdelwahab, Michael P. Nielsen, Paul Dichtl, Kai Leng, Rupert F. Oulton, Kian Ping Loh, and Stefan A. Maier

ACS Nano 2019, 13, 8, 9504–9510

Plasmon-Enhanced Electron Harvesting in Robust Titanium Nitride Nanostructures

8 JULY 2019

Brock Doiron, Yi Li, Andrei Mihai, Ryan Bower, Neil McN. Alford, Peter K. Petrov, Stefan A. Maier, and Rupert F. Oulton

J. Phys. Chem. C 2019, 123, 30, 18521–18527

Ultrafast sub–30-fs all-optical switching based on gallium phosphide

15 JUNE 2019

Gustavo Grinblat, Michael P. Nielsen, Paul Dichtl, Yi Li, Rupert F. Oulton and Stefan A. Maier

Science Advances Vol. 5, no. 6

Giant and Tunable Optical Nonlinearity in Single‐Crystalline 2D Perovskites due to Excitonic and Plasma Effects

3 JUNE 2019

Ibrahim Abdelwahab Paul Dichtl Gustavo Grinblat Kai Leng Xiao Chi In‐Hyeok Park Michael P. Nielsen Rupert F. Oulton Kian Ping Loh Stefan A. Maier

Advanced Material, Volume31, Issue29

TiO2–x-Enhanced IR Hot Carrier Based Photodetection in Metal Thin Film–Si Junctions

8 APRIL 2019

Nicholas A. Güsken, Alberto Lauri, Yi Li, Takayuki Matsui, Brock Doiron, Ryan Bower, Anna Regoutz, Andrei Mihai, Peter K. Petrov, Rupert F. Oulton, Lesley F. Cohen, and Stefan A. Maier

ACS Photonics 2019, 6, 4, 953–960

Designer photonic dynamics by using non-uniform electron temperature distribution for on-demand all-optical switching times

4 APRIL 2019

Luke H. Nicholls, Tomasz Stefaniuk, Mazhar E. Nasir, Francisco J. Rodríguez-Fortuño, Gregory A. Wurtz & Anatoly V. Zayats

Nature Communications volume 10

Anisotropic plasmonic CuS nanocrystals as a natural electronic material with hyperbolic optical dispersion

22 MAY 2019

R. Margoth Córdova-Castro, Marianna Casavola, Mark van Schilfgaarde, Alexey V. Krasavin, Mark A. Green, David Richards, and Anatoly V. Zayats

ACS Nano 2019, 13, 6

Deep-subwavelength features of photonic skyrmions in a confined electromagnetic field with orbital angular momentum

15 APRIL 2019

Luping Du, Aiping Yang, Anatoly V. Zayats, Xiaocong Yuan

Nature Physics 15, 650 (2019)

Compact Integration of TiO2 Nanoparticles into the Cross-Points of 3D Vertically Stacked Ag Nanowires for Plasmon-Enhanced Photocatalysis

20 MARCH 2019

Vo Thi Nhat Linh, Xiaofei Xiao,Ho Sang Jung, Vincenzo Giannini, Stefan A. Maier, Dong-Ho Kim, Yong-Ill Lee, and Sung-Gyu Park

Nanomaterials 2019, 9, 468

Nanoscale Design of the Local Density of Optical States

21 FEBRUARY 2019

Sandro Mignuzzi, Stefano Vezzoli. Simon A. R. Horsley, William L. Barnes, Stefan A. Maier,Riccardo Sapienza

Nano Lett. 2019, 19, 3, 1613-1617

Nanoparticle-based metasurfaces for angular independent spectral filtering applications


Francesco Lotti,, Ali Mirzaei, Andrey E. Miroshnichenko, and Anatoly V. Zayats

Journal of Applied Physics 126, 213101 (2019)

Optimizing hot carrier effects in Pt-decorated plasmonic heterostructures

14 FEBRUARY 2019

Jorge U. Salmón-Gamboa, Mayela Romero-Gómez,Diane J. Roth,a Matthew J. Barber, Pan Wang, Simon M. Fairclough, Mazhar E. Nasir, Alexey V. Krasavin, Wayne Dickson and Anatoly V. Zayats

Faraday Discussions Volume 214, 2019

Magneto-optical metamaterials: nonreciprocal transmission and Faraday effect enhancement

18 MARCH 2019

Bo Fan Mazhar E. Nasir Luke H. Nicholls Anatoly V. Zayats Viktor A. Podolskiy

Advanced Optical MaterialsVolume 7, Issue 14

Size-Selective Optical Printing of Silicon Nanoparticles through Their Dipolar Magnetic Resonance

17 MARCH 2019

Cecilia Zaza, Ianina L. Violi, Julián Gargiulo, Germán Chiarelli, Ludmilla Schumacher, Jurij Jakobi, Jorge Olmos-Trigo, Emiliano Cortes, Matthias König, Stephan Barcikowski, Sebastian Schlücker, Juan José Sáenz, Stefan A. Maier, and Fernando D. Stefani

ACS Photonics 2019, 6, 4, 815–822

Spectral Screening of the Energy of Hot Holes over a Particle Plasmon Resonance

21 FEBRUARY 2019

Evangelina Pensa, Julian Gargiulo, Alberto Lauri, Sebastian Schlücker, Emiliano Cortés, and Stefan A. Maier

Nano Lett. 2019, 19, 3, 1867–1874

Quantifying Figures of Merit for Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Applications: A Materials Survey

18 JANUARY 2019

Brock Doiron, Mónica Mota, Matthew P. Wells, Ryan Bower, Andrei Mihai, Yi Li, Lesley F. Cohen, Neil McN. Alford, Peter K. Petrov, Rupert F. Oulton and Stefan A. Maier